COVID-19 is officially a pandemic. As COVID-19 sweeps across the nation, forcing the closures of everything from schools to restaurants, employees everywhere are being asked to work from home. Even if you are not sick from the virus, you are feeling the impact of it.

It’s impacting the economy on every level with the big unknowns being for how long and with what lasting effects. All the short- and long-term plans for the company’s growth have to be postponed, or rearranged. Local and global companies are facing a massive slow down.

If we talk about the growth of a company, the most important factor behind the growth of any company is the company’s staff, and for that recruitment is of utmost importance.

Although the whole recruitment cycle and process differs slightly from one organization to another, it follows the same principle. Can HR perform this process in the current situation, where most of them have to work from home? Can they track all the ongoing process of recruitment where all the data are in the office?

The answer is “Yes, you can”….still continue all the recruitment process. Yes you can still track all ongoing process of recruitment like defining the job role, job posting, monitoring the entire application and selection process (shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, input the results of the interview, offering, finalizing the candidates, input all the data) from home, and also provide the reports to your BOD.

Next, “How” to do it all? You need a solid system to manage the recruitment process. You need a recruitment function in your HRIS which makes the recruiting process much easier. With a HRIS you can easily accept online applications and resumes, and filter those applications. HRIS can also be extremely helpful after hire, when new employee information must be obtained and filed.

Candidates can submit applications and resumes online with HRIS, which save costs, reduces paperwork and helps to keep the hiring process much more organized. Using a professional recruitment system may attract more qualified candidates that are comfortable using technology.

Conclusion: in the current situation, companies must be able to continue to think creatively so that the company stays on track, and the HR team must take a large role in dealing with this situation.