The first half of 2020 has gone by with full of ups and downs, let’s take a closer look at these four trends that are shaping the future of Human Resources

1.Flexible Workspaces

The Covid-19 has a huge impact on us as individuals, as a society, and as a workforce. COVID-19 has upended working life, changing how and where people do their jobs. The crisis is forcing businesses to adapt new, or improve existing, remote work policies and procedures. Fortunately, overcoming these challenges provides new benefits to companies as well, as they are no longer limited to hiring people who can make it into the office. Remote hiring unlocks a far greater talent pool and allows the company to pick from the absolute best candidates from all over the world. Enlisting the help of human resource professionals and specialists is key to ensuring you develop the best remote work policies for your company.

2. Organization Branding

Nowadays, the international labor market is getting more competitive and finding the right talent for your organization is a challenge. To attract excellent candidates, it has become the key for companies to identify themselves with a vision and mission that potential talent will embrace and promote. Whether it’s creating a commitment to corporate and social responsibility, fighting discrimination, or offering work-life benefits to employees, creating a workplace that provides value to society will cause a positive company image to come naturally.

3. Improving Employee Engagement

For many people, ‘employee engagement’ is still a new term. Basically, it is the level of emotional connection, commitment, and involvement which employees have for their companies. Research shows Companies with engaged employees, outperform those without by 202% (Business2community: Click here to read the source) . More companies are beginning to discover this as critical to increasing employee performance. Enlisting the help of human resources professionals is key to finding ways to promote employee engagement through team-building and competitions and internal social networks that can provide employees with media, games, and prizes.

4. Technological Improvements in HR Management

Technology provides us with new ways to improve workflow, boost productivity, save time and manpower, and polish a company’s public image.

New human resources technologies allow HR departments to put a wealth of information about a company’s workforce at the company’s fingertips, including information about recruitment, employee time & attendance management, employees’ data, payroll calculations, and performance KPIs. In the years to come, using new HR technologies will not be an option but an absolute requirement for every organization and HR department.