2022 is here! The end of the pandemic is insight, and we hope that it will lead to a period of strong growth as businesses reopen.

What business targets have you set for 2022? We recommend focusing on 3 main areas:

1. Employees

This is one of the most important factors to ensure company strategies and business plans can be executed and met. After almost 2 years of struggling with the pandemic with potentially higher turnover rates than usual, the company should start hiring additional employees to ensure that operations are not interrupted if some employees decide to resign. Let’s look for suitable persons that fit the job and the current situation instead of looking for the best candidates in the job market. Besides hiring new employees, trying to keep current key employees is crucial as well; they will be the ones who can provide the necessary training and support for the newcomers in the coming periods.

2. Technology

No one now can neglect the role of technology in modern business. To maintain and expand the market share of a business, investing in new technological solutions is very important and necessary. Next to investing in your workforce, let’s start by choosing the right technology or solution that fits your business requirements, budget, company culture, and people. The new management tools will help your organization to manage daily operations better, improve efficiency, and provide the data to support decision-making.

If your company does not have anything in place yet, you should look for solutions that support your business growth, cost management, and accounting. After this, you can start with HR management and analytics tools. To save investment costs, you may consider implementing SaaS-based products following the OPEX model.

Cadena’s advanced HRM software can help HR leaders to navigate the technology transition in 2022

3. Products and Services

With the right people, and the right technology, your company needs to ensure your products are still able to meet customer needs with necessary after-sales and support services. Customer needs might change throughout the pandemic so understanding those changes and adapting your products to them, will be key to satisfying your customers.

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