Data security is an increasingly vital aspect of a business’ operations. Given the sensitive nature of HR data (employee personal and salary information), Cadena is often assessed on all security controls that are in place by many of its multinational customers. However, one of the most critical aspects of data security is the environment on which our application is installed. Cadena HRM Series 5 can be deployed on cloud or on-premise and we are frequently asked which is more secure. Below our take on it.

Let’s explain the difference between cloud and on-premise first. On-premise deployment is the traditional approach where all hardware and software reside in house. IT managers must make sure that the latest software is up-to-date and perform regular backups of the server. Cloud deployment means that the company relies on servers that exist outside if the company (e.g. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure). The cloud service provider takes care of backups, server maintenance and software updates.

With on-premise deployment a company has maximum control over security and doesn’t have to trust another company with its confidential data. The company’s IT team is responsible for installing firewalls and antivirus software, setting the required user access policies and guarding against potential cyberattacks. With a strong IT support team this will be the most secure option. If a company doesn’t have a strong IT support team then mismanagement (e.g. not ensuring security patches are installed) could lead to serious security vulnerabilities.

How capable is your IT team? If you have your doubts, then you should definitely opt for a cloud HRIS deployment. You should of course select a reputable cloud service provider like Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Both providers are very reliable and apply industry-leading cyber security values. In Southeast Asia the larger multinationals are slowly moving locally to the cloud. Local companies still prefer mostly on-premise deployments. Besides security there also other considerations to make such as cost and stability of internet bandwidth within the country (thus impacting system availability).

Choose wisely.