People increasingly value the experience at work as a key driver in chosing a job, staying with an employer and finding motivation on a daily basis. Now countries are slowly coming out of lockdown it’s important for companies to reconnect with all these people that have worked from home.

In this article, Gartner mentions 3 key factors in deciding if and how to return to work:

  • health and safety are a top priority;
  • employees need to feel safe;
  • employees are stakeholders in decision making.

Many of these factors relate to workforce planning and scheduling, processes that are best supported by technology. Knowing what employees care about can be asked and how employees feel is something that can be measured with the right tools.

For a company it’s key to realise that these factors can be measured and managed. Engaging employees – certainly in difficult times – needs to be engrained in the management practises of the company and needs to be done consistently and efficiently.

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