Most of you will know the book and must have heard the statement in a nut shell: that in order to become truly great you should not aim for and take pride in achieving something that is just ‘good’. Good is the new average in that definition.

Of course, a company should not tolerate what is called in management literature ‘satisfying underperformance’ but at the same time… the way to perfection is long and hard.

In improving the HR function a massive overhaul is often not recommended. An HR improvement program will – from experience – best succeed when incremental steps are taken. Starting with the proper organization of time attendance, payroll and leave management functions – best supported by a state-of-the-art system – moving on to onboarding, performance management, personal development and all other HR processes.

In all these steps the human element should not be underrated. Policies, procedures and embedding thereof in an organization will only work in practice if these are properly understood and adhered to by all staff. Certainly, in companies with a large work force, spread over different locations this is no mean feat.

In order to succeed and professionalize the HR function it’s imperative to keep these challenges in mind and plan for them accordingly. The selection of the right HRM System and a successful implementation will lead to the desired HR transformation. Step by step, from average, to good, to better, to great.

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