The Novaland Group, the largest real estate developer in Vietnam, selected Cadena to implement its web-based Cadena HRM Series 5 system for 5 of its companies. Previously Cadena implemented its HRIS for 3 other companies within their Hospitality division: Azerai Can Tho, Mercure, and IBIS in Vung Tau. The new companies are entities in Novaland’s F&B – Retail division: Citigym, Dai Phu My, Jumbo Seafood, Mega F&B, and WSW.

As of May 2020, Human Resources administration was done manually in an Excel spreadsheet. Excel as an HR tool was reasonable in the past but when these companies scaled up the tasks and responsibilities multiplied exponentially. And Excel wasn’t cut out to cope with these challenges. Another pain point was attendance and absence validation, which was very time-consuming and prone to errors. With the implementation of Cadena HRM Series 5, Novaland wanted to professionalize and streamline its operational HR functions.

The scope included the implementation of modules for employee contract administration, attendance management, payroll, and employee self-services. The latter to increase employee engagement, and reduce paperwork and overall time spent on these processes. These modules and corresponding benefits are of course an integral part of any HRIS. Why did Novaland then select Cadena?

Many HRIS providers can only handle the attendance and payroll requirements of a few selected industries. Cadena has implemented its system for a wide range of different industries across 9 countries in Southeast Asia: hospitality, retail, manufacturing, finance, pharmaceuticals, logistics, trading, and many more. With Novaland’s diverse business portfolio naturally, it made sense to bring all companies under one single platform. There are of course many other reasons that also contributed to their decision, such as Cadena’s cost efficiency, system security and technology, implementation experience, and high-quality after-go-live support services.

Novaland recently signed the UAT (User Acceptance Test) and we’re now approaching the system go-live date in October. It has been a pleasure to work with Novaland’s HR and IT teams and we’re looking forwards to collaborating with them on future projects.