Many companies often ask us about the strengths of our Cadena HRM Series 5 product. One of our key differentiators and strengths is our multiple company payroll capability. A lot of large enterprises have subsidiary companies or branches across the country or wider Southeast Asia region. Cadena HRM Series 5 equips the corporate team with real-time operational as well as payroll information for all its subsidiary companies regardless of their geographical locations or operating industry. Our application allows the HR management of an organization to handle their multiple companies simultaneously under one login.

A lot of local HRIS/ Payroll software vendors seem to be struggling with the requirements of such organizations. This week Cadena signed an agreement with luxury real estate developer Son Kim Land to implement Cadena HRM Series 5 for its 300 employees across 9 subsidiaries in Vietnam. The company had been searching for an appropriate HR solution since 2016 and failed with two well-know local vendors (vendor names widely known in HR community). Why is Cadena the vendor of choice for companies like Novaland, VinaCapital, Viet Thai International (Highlands Coffee), Saint Gobain, Lotte, and many others? What type of multi company functionality is missing in most of these local HR systems?   

Most systems may be able to add multiple companies in one environment but are unable to display them under one login. This means corporate HR management has to login/logout continuously and doesn’t have access to consolidated reports for group level reporting. Due to this limitation, they don’t support cross-company reporting lines (e.g. employee in corporate office responsible for leave or overtime approvals for an employee in one of the subsidiaries) and inter-company transfers, which are common practice in these organizations. Without the latter capability HR management would have to resign an employee in one company and re-enter or import all historical data into another. Also, some policies might be applied on group service start date instead of service start date (e.g. bonus days by service years). Hardly efficient if you have to manage all of these adjustments manually of course.

The HR practices and requirements of Son Kim Land are still relatively simple to manage for Cadena. Son Kim Land, operates in one industry, has one central HR team and policies are mostly standardized within the group. It gets more complicated when a group of companies are operating in multiple industries with different HR policies and separate HR teams per business division. So far, we haven’t encountered any other HR software vendor in Vietnam that can successfully implement such a system. With Cadena HRM Series 5, all policies can be defined on group level but also on individual company level. This capability is also the reason why many of the payroll outsourcing companies selected Cadena as a partner (KPMG, TMF, RSM, Acclime, BDO, Tricor, InCorp…).

Not many HRIS vendors can offer the above-mentioned functionality. There are even lesser vendors that can offer multi-country payroll systems. Cadena has such capability and has been localized for 10 countries in Southeast Asia.

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