Only 5 years ago many businesses were skeptical about cloud solutions – see for instance a story in Information Security Bizz in Jan 2015 Four years later that had changed With a cloud-readiness index of 76%, Singapore ranks high, even compared globally. Nevertheless, many companies still have to make the move.
So what’s stopping you? Here are 3 considerations to adopt the cloud now:
1. There’s no way back; desktop solutions will lose their importance and sooner or later become extinct
2. Specialize in what you’re good at, leave IT to others
3. There is really no good reason to postpone it
Looking more specifically at HR software, Covid-19 will likely have a lasting impact on the way business is done. People work from home or locations other than the office more than ever, yet you still want your staff to be able to access applications and data in a secure way. Staff still want to see their hours worked, overtime and even their pay slips.
Your HR policies deserve to be lived by, with on-premise solutions this is hard to realize, while our cloud based HR software make that all normal practice. Now is the time to consider your systems architecture and switch to cloud based HR software.