From the empty streets of our Asian metropolis I am reaching out to our Cadena family: our hundreds of clients with over 200,000 monthly pay slips produced through Cadena’s HRIS systems, our partners all over Southeast Asia and finally but not least our dedicated and devoted employees working from home (these days) or offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. To all of you, strength during this challenging period. 

Obviously, the earth is striking back after decennia of abuse, and probably inevitably there is more to come when we continue to do so. However, on the bright side, I believe that in the end we can all get out stronger. To quote an interesting article – “Black swan events, such as economic recessions and pandemics, change the trajectory of governments, economies and businesses — altering the course of history.” 

Let’s work together the coming weeks and months to overcome this crisis and don’t forget:
– to practice your online listening face;
– not to discriminate Asians in the West, and Westerners in the East.