The COVID-19 pandemic shows the true face of many business owners and managers. On one hand you see businesses waiting, complaining, looking at governments for help, losing direction and hope. On the other hand there are business owners taking this as a time to reflect and take pro-active measures: give people some extra leave, think through the strategy, do overdue maintenance, explore new marketing tactics, build the relation with customers and suppliers and invest in new technology.

So, who is more ready for ‘the new normal’ and which entrepreneur is more likely to succeed? Implementing technology is time consuming, let’s not beat around the bush, so what better time to do an implementation than in a quiet period. Just like refurbishing the kitchen of a restaurant is hard without closing, replacing a way of working while you’re fully open for business is challenging. So now is the time to take that decision and automate your payroll, implement employee self service, finally set up a proper job scheduling system or employee engagement program.

If ever was a good time it is now. However, many companies worry about the costs while that can never be an issue. Implementing an HR system, HRIS, HRM system is about creating an infrastructure that enables a company to organize HR processes in an efficient and effective way. It’s an investment that will pay off in the form of manpower reduction, happier employees, less fraud and errors and faster turnaround times.

In short, we have 2 pieces of advice for all managers, entrepreneurs and business owners. First: if business is slow do all the things you have been putting off and prepare for the future. Second: if you invest in technology and take digital transformation seriously make the investment pay and don’t let it be a cost.