The pandemic has changed the way we work in many ways. Four key trends we see that will have a lasting impact

  1. Work from home. Companies have been looking at WFH for at least 20 years. The pandemic has within weeks proven that all the problems with remote work that we thought existed can relatively easily be overcome.  Now companies have practical experience with WFH, it will have a lasting impact on the use of office space, communication, style of management and mobility.
  2. Meetings. Face to face meetings have determined company cultures across the world, enormous amounts of time have been wasted, some people love, others hate meetings. Fact is that without travel and with meetings held over video or just voice, lots of time can be saved. People will still need to come together for team bonding and social reasons, but many meetings can be held in cyberspace.
  3. Learning. Digital learning is not new but never took flight as it does now. Never have there been so many e-learning opportunities, webinars and virtual trainings. Given the advantages in quality, costs and reach, there is no way back.
  4. Employee Self Service. Many companies relied on age old processes for leave applications, shift planning, time registration and even printed pay slips handed out the last Friday of the month. With safe distancing and working from home there is no other way than do this digitally with a state-of-the-art HR System.

What do you think? Do you see other trends? Do you agree? We’re keen to hear your opinion.